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Membership Information


Membership with the Emergency Animal Rescue has four different levels of which to choose from.

ACTIVE:  You are required to attend trainings, available for rescues and participation in public relation events.  Membership dues per year are $24.00.

RESERVE: You are required to attend some trainings, available as additional help on rescues when needed and participate in some public relation events.  Membership dues per year are $12.00.

JUNIOR RESERVE:  Members (ages 14 through 18) will train with an active member, be available for rescues and participate in some public relation events.  Membership dues per year are $12.00.

AUXILIARY:  For members who are interested in helping but have no wish to participate in trainings and or in rescues.  Membership dues per year are $12.00.

After completing the application form, click on the submit button.  Your application will come directly to Emergency Animal Rescue.  You may then use the PayPal button to submit your membership dues.  The PayPal button is located on the home page.  Or if you prefer you may send your dues to Emergency Animal Rescue. P.O. Box 2462, Ramona, California  92065.

All members of Emergency Animal Rescue are responsible for paying for their own training expenses.  In addition volunteers must provide their own health and auto insurance. 

The Organization will provide all technical equipment but volunteers must provide and maintain their own safety equipment. 

Emergency Animal Rescue (Organization) will reimburse for all authorized expenses incurred while on deployment.

Emergency Animal Rescue has a "ZERO" tolerance policy.  No Alcohol, Illegal substances or Firearms are allowed at any time.  This applies when ever you represent Emergency Animal Rescue.

Disclaimer:  Filling out a volunteer application does not guarentee the applicant being chosen for any duties within Emergency Animal Rescue.  Emergency Animal Rescue reserves the right to refuse anyone the opportunity to be a volunteer with said organization.